Room 9 Updates

Friday, August 28, 2020

August 31- September 4

 Hi All,

These kids are troupers! I made a quite ambitious schedule this week, and we got better at it as the days progressed. However, I am making some adjustments now that I am older and wiser! Lots of the kids—and I— are hoping for math Breakout groups, but I am holding off a couple more weeks until we get pretty clear on our transitions. For the most part, kids are navigating to and from the synchronous and asynchronous learning times, and also finding their way to the PE and Art Google Classrooms. 

Parents, I sent “invitations” for you to join the Google Classroom so that you can monitor your child’s work. Many of you have accepted, but if this was overlooked, I encourage you to seek that out. This will be a way for you to track your child’s work that is submitted through Google Classroom. Of course, not everything we do will be using that format, as I am giving the kids an opportunity to hand write in their Reading Notebook daily, and they also have math pages to do every day but Wednesday. We will have math quizzes using Google forms as well.

This week, I have no new materials for you to pick up in the cafeteria on Monday. I will alert you the next time that’s scheduled. I’ve learned that it’s a good practice to have your child completely shut down (not simply close) their Chromebook every few days. That way they will get the updates the tech team is working on to try to smooth out the glitches many people are experiencing.

Here is the Schedule for the Week of August 31- September 4. I will also share it in the Google Classroom, so the kids will have a digital copy. If you are making a master schedule for your child, please look for revisions on this week’s schedule. Ultimately, I plan on keeping it consistent! Please also note that the 1-1 Meetings are times I would like your child to check in with me. Each kid is on the schedule for 15 minutes in alternate weeks, and they do not need you to be present at the meeting. 

On Fridays, I will assign Mystery Science lessons, and the kids will have a week to work on them. Each lesson has videos, and then a model to understand the concepts more deeply. The supplies vary from week to week, and some are trickier to get than others. This week’s lesson has pretty accessible supplies (string, an index card or card stock,  and a paper clip), as well as the ability to print out a template. I will work on developing a supply list for those of you that wish to order materials ahead. However, I will not be holding the kids accountable for doing the hands-on activities. We will have some digital assessments for them to demonstrate that they are watching the video lessons, and attending to the concepts addressed. 

Kids were assigned to explore Studies Weekly last week, and many of them got right to work on the lessons in the first issue. I have also released  the test for this issue, and they should complete it after they have read all the articles. This will be due on Friday, September 4th. After this week, I will assign a new Studies Weekly lesson on Wednesdays, and kids will have until the following Tuesday night to complete the lesson and submit their responses to the assessment. 

Thanks for all your support during these challenging days, and please know that I am there to help your child and you as well.

All the best,

Carroll Mayer

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Welcome to the new year!

 Hi Fourth Graders and Families,

Welcome to The Most Exciting New School Year Ever!  I can't wait to explore all the new things ahead of us. We are in for some exciting challenges, and different sorts of opportunities.

Feel free to email at I would love to hear from you! (If you were part of last year's class, and think you are not returning to my class as a 4th Grade family, you probably subscribed to my blog, and will need to unsubscribe. can "spy" on this year's activities!)

I will see you all our Monday class meeting! Be sure to check Google Classroom to find the link to the first meeting at 9 o'clock, this Monday, August 17th. 

All the best,

Carroll Mayer

Sunday, May 31, 2020

HI All,

I cant' believe we have arrived; this is the final week of our 2019-2020 year! I want you to know that I will miss each and every one of you this summer. Next year, when we begin school, some of you will be with me as 4th Graders, but more will be working with other teachers. Please know that you will remain in my thoughts, and that I am always available to support you, whether I am your official teacher or not!

Here is our final Distance Learning Choice Board. You will see that there are still some math lessons, some reading to do and books to listen to, and some writing to complete! We still have some work this week. Our Monday meeting will be at 10, and during the meeting we will review the Choice Board, and view and compliment classmates' work on the World Artist and Famous American Padlet.
I am so proud of all the work you all have done on this project, and the other assignments you've completed at home this term. Please give yourself--- AND the parents and other adults that supported you--- a hug and pat on the back. You have all worked hard!!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the grade level meetings will continue as scheduled, and we will discuss math, and the audiobooks each group has been listening to. On Thursday, we will have our End of the Year Celebration at 10. Bring your pet or stuffed animal to the meeting, and be prepared for a Scavenger Hunt as well! Thank you Jena and Grace for the Marianne's gift certificates, which I know you will use with pleasure. This will be our final meeting of the year.

On Friday, I will email parents the report cards. Hard copies will be sent to your home address as well.

So, for the last time this year, here is the Seahawk News.

Have a great week, and I will see you on Monday at 10:00.


Ms. Mayer

Monday, May 25, 2020

Hi All,

Happy Memorial Day! I trust that you are enjoying a beautiful weekend. The kids had an assignment to read about the history of Memorial Day in Newsela, so hopefully your child has an understanding of the solemnity of this day, while also enjoying the day off.

Here is this week's Distance Learning Choice Board.  Primarily, the kids should be focused on wrapping up activities and recording their speeches for their Famous American or World Artist research and writing project. The writing was due last week, and so this week should be oriented toward the items in the Choice Board. Each child is expected to do 3, which includes recording their speech on FlipGrid, or another video method. All items should be uploaded to the Padlet linked in our Google Classroom. The FlipGrid is also on that Padlet.

Kids in both grades should continue with Geometry. There are materials in the Google Classroom, as well as the pages to work on for this week. Fourth Graders have pattern blocks to print, and 3rd Graders have centimeter rulers. If you already have these materials--especially the ruler--there is no reason to print it.

This week, due to the Monday holiday, our Class Meeting will be on Tuesday at 10. Third Graders will meet as usual on Wednesday, and I will meet with Fourth Graders on Thursday. As always, I am open to meet up with kids one-on-one to help with any questions; just email me. I will also hold Office Hours this Friday at 10.

It's time to pick up your child's gear! You should pick up papers and desk items on the assigned day: Wednesday for 3rd, and Thursday for 4th. The cafeteria is open from 8-5:30, and you must wear a mask. If you are picking up for other children in your family, you may get the items in one swoop. For those of you that collect packets, the day is Tuesday instead of Monday.

Sorry, no Seahawk News yet, but I will post in the Google Classroom when it arrives!

Have a great week!
Ms. Mayer

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hi All,

Happy rainy Sunday! I am enjoying a quiet day, reading a great book, and doing my yoga app. I hope you have found fulfilling, joyful ways to spend your weekend too.

Here is this week's Distance Learning Choice Board. The big focus for this week is finishing up a well-researched piece of writing on your Famous American or World Artist. I have been poking around, searching for kids' writing to comment upon, and have made notes on those submitted to me. I've been very pleased with the work I've seen! I hope you are enjoying learning about your subjects, and I see you are writing thoughtfully about their lives, their challenges, and the lessons that we can learn from these important people.

Otherwise, we have 3 more weeks of school. Keep up the great work on the geometry, which many of you are enjoying. Fourth Graders will break out the protractors this week, but don't be thrown off by the lesson on circular protractors scheduled for Monday. You will be using the regular ones after that, and don't need to own a circular protractor!

We will continue to have our regular meetings at 10 AM: whole class on Monday, 4th Graders Tuesday, 3rd Graders Wednesday, and Office Hours on Thursday and Friday. Kids, please remember that if you send me a question via email, you need to go back and check your email for the response. It's also really polite to send a quick follow up that you have read my response and solved your problem, or that you need to make a plan to solve it using a digital meeting.

I am sending an email virtual Lost and Found with items from the classroom. There are several pencil cups filled with colorful pens, scissors, etc, as well as a very nice sweatshirt and some water bottles. I am happy to place in the bags I'm packing from kids' desks, but need these items to be identified in order to do that. Ms. Jones sent out information about when and how to claim your things a week or so ago.

Here is this week's Sea Hawk News.

Have a great week!

Ms. Mayer

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hi All,

Happy Mother's Day! I wish the best of days to all of you who are a mother, or who are mothering. It is the best! 💕

This week, we will have our usual Google Meet gatherings, Monday- Wednesday, and Office Hours on Thursday-Friday. However, after Monday, the time will be pushed back to 10 AM, so that I can attend some other meetings scheduled earlier in the day. This Monday will be our last 9:30 meeting.

Here is the Sea Hawk News, which I look forward to every week!

On Monday both grades begin Geometry. Along with our usual lessons and videos from Duane Habecker, I have included some BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. titles that the kids should watch. I have found that many kids are comfortable with the concepts in geometry, but unfamiliar with the vocabulary used to describe those ideas. Encourage your child to take notes when they watch the videos, and then use the words to create their own "Math Word Wall" or vocabulary flashcards.  Geometry is definitely the most vocabulary heavy math unit!

In writing, kids will continue working on their Famous American and World Artist writing reports. In the end, I expect to see a 5 paragraph (or more) report that captures the important aspects of their subject's life, and also reflects upon the way the person has influenced people positively.

Reading is still independent, and kids should be devouring self-selected books, as well as the Newsela article of the week. I am also expect at least 40 minutes of Lexia each week.

Here is our current Distance Learning Choice Board.

Have a great week!

Ms. Mayer

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Hi All,

What a sunny, beautiful weekend! I hope you all got outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

On Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Avey sent the teachers the SeaHawk News, and once again, she did a beautiful job putting together all the great photos and videos sent her. It touched me to see your Teacher Appreciation messages, and I am sure it touched my fellow teachers as well. Thank you for your beautiful words and signs. 💜 I also loved seeing the pictures of kids in their favorites reading spots!

I'm so proud of the way you are working so hard, and so responsibly on the your math, reading and writing. I love seeing your math papers, and the quality work you all do! Since we learned about the scanners, it's even easier for me to read your work. I feel confident that you are all going to be ready for your fractions lessons next year, and that's a real testament to you and your parents' dedication!

For writing this coming week, we will continue to work on researching our Famous Americans/ World Artists, and will even begin drafting our introductions. However, I also want to take time to celebrate each kids' fairytale or myth by reading and commenting on those posted on the padlet in our Google Classroom. There are still a few people who have not posted their art/stories. If you are having trouble doing it, please let me know and I can help. I also put a YouTube on the padlet that gives some instructions, or you can contact one of your classmates that has already done it and get some support.

In reading, I am seeing more kids remembering to write their signposts (Notice and Note), to do Lexia minutes, and read the weekly Newsela article. Remember, I am expecting you to take an AR test each week, OR to send an email letting me know that you are in the middle of a book. Third Graders, please remember that if you are using the packet you pick up from school, you need to still check the Room 9 Distance Learning Choice Board. We do NOT have all the same activities as those listed on the sheet that comes with the packet.

We are in the last month of school, and that's usually a time that feels too busy and rushed. This year, one of our silver linings is that we can cherish these last days together--at least virtually! I look forward to seeing and hearing you all at our class meeting on Monday at 9:30, and at our grade level meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Take care,

Ms. Mayer