Room 9 Updates

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi Parents,
Just a few reminders...

Third graders' "Famous American" speeches have moved from Tuesday to Wednesday due to the 1st grade play on Tuesday. When I scheduled the speeches, I was not aware of the timing of the first grade school performances.

Secondly, I sent home 2 permission slips for April field trips. One is scheduled just 2 days after we return from Spring Break. I am still missing EIGHT permission slips. I am also short on parent drivers for both trips. If you have not sent in your child's permission slip, please do so right away.

Finally, Literature Circle assignments will be due on Thursday this week instead of Friday (since it's a holiday.)

Thanks so much,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi All,
I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful spring weekend! The kids certainly seemed really stimulated last week, between St. Patrick's Day, Daylight Savings, Red Hot Readers, and "the Big Read". We also worked on our class's auction project with Alysen Lanagan and Cynthia Jauque! I expect this week to be much calmer, however there will be a substitute in class on Thursday and Friday, so that I can attend a district training.

I am looking forward to receiving the completed biography reports from third graders this Wednesday, March 24th. I have decided to postpone students' speeches from March 30th, to March 31st. The change in day is due to a schedule conflict with the first grade play. I know both second and third graders look forward to seeing the younger kids perform, and their play for the school is on March 30th. I have not heard from any parents volunteering to videotape, so if you've thinking about helping in this way, please let me know. I will also be working with second graders in wrapping up their "game cards" project this week.

Last week I sent home 2 permission slips. Just to clarify, both grades will be attending both trips. While the third graders have already gone to the Discovery Museum, it's a place that can be revisited year after year. They were quite insistent that they really wanted to go on this trip.

Thanks again for all your hard work. Combination classes can be tricky, and you and your children have been a real pleasure.
Have a great week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Parents & Students,
Sorry to miss posting last week; the days just seemed to run away! First of all, I will be out of the class this Monday, March 15th for a training. Mrs. McCraw will be substituting.

Monday will be the last day third graders will have time in class to work on their biography reports. The class has had many hours to do research and work on writing but students' progress has varied. Some children will be typing or handwriting a final draft at home. Other children may need to complete the first draft, or even do additional research. The completed report is due in class on Wednesday, March 24th. The report should be 3-5 paragraphs long. Each of the boxes of the graphic organizer should be a paragraph, with the first 2 parts possibly combined into one. Students may have help with typing, or may do their work in neat printing or cursive. The speeches will be scheduled for March 31st. Because I want third graders to focus on completing their report, and then rehearsing their speech, there will be no spelling homework for the next several weeks. Additional information regarding the report and speech will come home on Tuesday, March 16th.

As for second graders, they will continue working on their biography game cards in class. Most students are ready to word process their clue cards. Second graders really enjoyed the Egg Drop this Friday. Many children in our class came up with successful packaging, but "scrambled eggs" teach just as much. Information about the 2nd grade Science Fair projects is coming home on Monday, March 15th. This project is to be completed at home in its entirety. Mrs. Hegerle, the 2nd grade science teacher, has reviewed the scientific method several times throughout the year. This project is not as involved as the 6th grade one, but is an opportunity for the kids to initiate and investigate a question. The projects will be on display at Open House on May 13th.

Finally, a heads up about several more field trips. Our class will be going to the Museum of Art & History on April 14th. The following week we will be going, along with all of 2nd grade, to the Discovery Museum. Our third graders will attend the Discovery Museum field trip too.

Have a good week,
Carroll Mayer