Room 9 Updates

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hi All,
Happy Halloween -- almost!  I imagine many of you have begun your celebrating. We will have the traditional parade at school tomorrow, at 10:30. Your Room Parents, Karrie and Laura, have planned a great lunch party immediately after the parade. Thanks to all who are helping with this party, and to those of you who've sent in contributions for party expenses. At home, I encourage you to have your kids sort and count any trick-or-treating candy; it's a great math activity! Also, please keep candy at home during this week, as the kids are pretty excited without adding in the extra sugar.

In class, we are working hard on our Information Writing. Kids are focusing on learning how to organize and write this kind of paper without the added stress of research, so they're writing about topics they already know a lot about.  Later in the year, they'll write a research report. In math, we are continuing to work on double digit multiplication, and story problems that call for it. However, the kids are learning many conceptual ways of addressing this sort of multiplication, rather than the standard algorithm we all learned but didn't necessarily understand. Ultimately, they will learn the standard algorithm as well! Kids are also learning about food chains in science, and will wrap up this science unit with a food chain art project.

Finally, I still need a few more volunteers if we are to go on our field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Right now I have drivers that can take about half the class. The aquarium limits us to 1 chaperone for every 4 students, so people that can take lots of kids would be ideal. In addition, you must have volunteer clearance from the district, which means a TB test and fingerprints on file with the office. Just to be clear, we are not simply visiting the aquarium, but will be participating in a lab in their classroom space as well.

Have a great week, hopefully with the right amount of rain, at the best times!

Carroll Mayer

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hi All,

Thanks to all for your response regarding conferences. Just about all students have conferences scheduled for the week the district sets aside for these meetings. I will send home a reminder with your time 1-2 weeks prior to the actual date.

I am also sending home some important information this week. First of all, our field trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium is scheduled for December. We will not be able to get full authorization until I have the necessary drivers and insurance information formally submitted to the office. We are now required to attach your insurance information to our Field Trip Auhorization Forms.

 In addition, I'm sending home information about MobyMax. Our class membership has been generously sponsored by a family in the class, so your kids will now have access to this program at school and home. MobyMax can be accessed through a link on my blog. The kids began the math last week, and will work in other content areas in the near future. This program allows each kid to work on the skills they need, at any grade level!

Finally, thanks in advance to those of you who are able to help with our Halloween festivities, or are supporting them through your donation to the classroom "FUN'd".  The kids look forward to these special days. In addition, a reminder that there are many terrific at-home math activities associated with Halloween, such as counting pumpkin seeds and sorting candy!

Have a great week,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed this "bonus" 3-day weekend!

This week, we will begin our second writing unit. Our first step will be Immersing, by reading various examples of informational text. By week's end the kids will begin thinking about subjects they find interesting, and then they will choose their "expert" topic.

We are also wrapping up our Social Studies unit on California regions, and then will be moving into a  
Science unit about the transfer of energy.

Finally, please contact me if you haven't yet scheduled your child's conference.

Take care,
Carroll Mayer