Room 9 Updates

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello All,
I hope you had a family-filled-- and refreshing --Thanksgiving.  This week the class returns to "business as usual", with a regular homework packet and nightly math homework.  We have a longer than usual gap between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, and it's going to be a challenge to sustain the focus and energy through this busy month.  Please make sure your child maintains his/her work quality.

In math, we are moving on to a unit entitled "Measurement and Geometry".  We will revisit multiplication later this year, and I will continue sending home practice sheets in the packet, and giving timed tests every 2-3 weeks.  Please make multiplication practice a regular part of your child's study routine, using whatever format seems most productive for your kid and family.

Remember to send in report card envelopes this week; we reuse them for the entire year.

Take care, and have a great week,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hi All,
Happy Thanksgiving!  We will have just two days of school this week.  As your child should know, the homework packet sent home last Tuesday is due this Tuesday, with all days filled in the Reading Log.  We will have the spelling test on Tuesday.

We wrapped up Unit 3 in math (multiplication) and will be moving on to a new unit on measurement. Before we begin this new unit, I will be working with the kids on some special math problems called MARS tasks. These involve applying the mathematical concepts in bigger, more real-life situations.  Because of this, there will be no math homework on Monday.

Finally, report cards will be sent home on Tuesday. The kids will be instructed to save the report cards for home, and told that they are personal family business. There is no benefit to kids comparing them. When viewing the report card, please work with your child at setting realistic goals for the next term, based on the strengths and weaknesses reported.

Have a wonderful holiday,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hi All,

Thanks to all that helped with the Halloween party, most especially Ruth DeLuca, our extraordinary Room Parent!  The kids had a great time!

This week the students will have a challenging spelling list that focuses on 3 letter clusters and unexpected spelling patterns( like -tch, spr-, wr- and gn-.)  Please be sure your child gives him or herself enough time to practice these words.  The weekly math practice will now shift from subtraction practice to multiplication practice, which we will continue throughout the year. We will have a test on Ch. 6 in math on Tuesday, addressing the concept of multiplication, and the application of multiplication facts from 0-5, and 9. This test is not timed, and facts need not be memorized for students to perform well.

However, it's the goal for third graders to memorize their multiplication facts, so this week we will begin timed tests on the facts from 0-4.  The kids will be given a lot of time, and students will raise their hands to indicate when they have completed the test.  Your child will then note how long it took to complete the test. The goal is to get faster and faster (with accuracy!)  If your child is struggling with multiplication facts, please support them with additional practice using flash cards, web-based drills, videos, or oral practice (in the car, while waiting in line, etc.)

Finally, please remember that RTI (Reading Groups) start promptly at 7:55.  Tardy students miss out on reading instruction that is targeted to their specific reading needs.  Please get kids to school on time -- or early!

Take care,
Carroll Mayer