Room 9 Updates

Monday, January 28, 2019

Dear Parents,

We have 3 field trips coming up in March, and we need help!  Please see dates and times below.
Email ASAP if you are able to help (must have TB tests and fingerprints on file at Rio.)

March 1st--Mission San Juan Bautista--9AM-1PM--drivers/chaperons
March 8th--Cabrillo College--10-12PM--bus/ 1-2 chaperons
March 14th--SC Symphony--10-12PM--3 chaperons/ 6 drivers

Updates for math are on the blog. The 4th Grade is working on fractions right now, so you are seeing lots of partially completed pages applying various fraction strategies coming home. For extra practice, kids should finish up the pages coming home, or may print out additional homework pages from the link on the blog (Module 5). My expectation is that kids are completing the front of the page, so if your child has only done a part of that side, please hold them accountable. In addition, kids can access Khan Mappers from the Rio del Mar website, and Moby Max.

Thanks for all you do!

Carroll Mayer

Monday, January 14, 2019

Hi All,

Welcome back to school! I know you are all as eager to get back as I am. I imagine there are some mixed feelings; we are all happy to reconnect with friends and new learning, but sad to leave that vacation leisure behind.

We are beginning lots of new units: Mystery Reading, Opinion Writing, and Fractions. I am thrilled about each of these topics! Many--but not all-- of you picked out mystery novels, and the rest will select mysteries to read on Tuesday. In this unit we will be learning about the strategies strong readers use when they read books in this genre. During our writing time we will be discussing opinions, and then building a writing project based on our own individual opinions on various topics. Finally, we will be working on a long fraction unit using Engage New York curriculum. I encourage you to turn to the "Duane" links on YouTube for extra practice, and to print out the homework pages for additional practice 1-2 days a week. You are not required to turn this in, and may choose to practice your fraction skills in other ways, such as Khan Mappers, Moby Max, cooking, construction projects.

From Mrs. Davis:

Rio del Mar Math Festival - Parent Volunteers Needed! 
Tuesday, February 19th

Two possible volunteer sessions: 
First Session: 7:55 - 10:35   
Second Session: 11:35  - 2:10 

Volunteers will be assisting with classes, grade K-6th, as they filter through the MPR to explore math activities and games. 

You do not need to teach any math or know the skills, you will be more of a facilitator at a center - cleaning up materials between each class, helping younger students read the directions, etc.  

If you are interested and can commit to one of the sessions, please  

Have a great week, as we ease back in from a fun 3 weeks!

Carroll Mayer