Room 9 Updates

Sunday, January 22, 2012

HI All,
Just a few reminders...

We are back to normal with the Homework Packet; it's due on Friday. Remember that the first new Lit. Circle assignment is due on Tuesday. Kids may bring it in on Monday and just save it in their desk until Tuesday. They must also bring in their books to use during the meeting.

Continue practicing multiplication facts. Students will find that the better they know their multiplication, the better they know division. Math homework will be smoother and easier for those kids who have their multiplication facts memorized. On Friday, we will have another timed test on multiplication facts 0-5.

Have a great week,
Carroll Mayer

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi All,
Well, now we are back to the routine after a long Winter Break and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday! The Homework Packet given to the kids last Wednesday is due this Friday. In addition, the kids will be bringing home their new Lit. Circle assignments on Tuesday. They are due the following Tuesday, January 24th. From now on, students will receive their assignments each week and will be responsible for attending their Lit. Circle on Tuesday with the completed work and book in hand. Please help your child stay organized with this new task, as the reading and "job" should be completed over several days, not on Monday night!

In Math, we are moving on from geometry to division. While we will be focusing primarily on the concept of division, those students who have their multiplication facts memorized will have a much easier time with the work.

Have a great week,
Carroll Mayer