Room 9 Updates

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hi All,
Unbelievably, we have already completed the first theme in our Language Arts anthology. This week's spelling words will be a review of the last three weeks. We will also be having a Theme One Test. Students will need to recognize the different types of sentences--statement, question, command, and exclamation. They will also need to identify the subject and predicate in statements. In math, we'll continue to focus on rounding up to the thousands place. We will have a special homework on Monday with additional practice on rounding to the tens, hundreds, and thousands place. On Tuesday, I'll send home a Unit Review, and the test will be on Wednesday (with no math homework that day.) At the end of the week, students will also be "quizzed" on their multiplication facts for 2s-4s. Fact practice has been part of their homework packet for the last 4 weeks. Children have generally been quite responsible with homework. Please remember to review and initial your child's work. Ideally, you are "spot checking" for sloppy errors or misconceptions. A few students have handed in incomplete or poorly done homework, which is noted on your child's paper when it's returned. Your supervision will reinforce your child's work habits. Please note that Homework Club staff does not check your child's work, although they happily support students with questions.

Thank you for the swift return of the Highlights parent forms. I was able to order pencils, stickers, and squishy pencil grips for FREE. Our first Scholastic Book Order is due by September 28th. Ordering online really streamlines the process, although anyone wishing to use the traditional method is welcome to. Scholastic gives our class many free books based on the quantity of items ordered, and is most generous with their Bonus Points at the beginning of the year.

Finally, I have the majority of conferences scheduled. I will send home a note confirming your child's time in the next week or so. If you have not yet scheduled your child's conference, please email or send in a note.

Once again, thanks for all the parent help in class. I was at a training on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, so I didn't get to touch base with some of you, but your presence is much appreciated. Lit. Circle parents, I'll see you soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hi All,

It was great to connect with so many of you last Thursday, both at the fair and at BTS Night! Hopefully, your immediate questions have been answered. Feel free to send in notes,write emails, or leave messages with the office (or our new messaging system) as additional questions arise! At Back-to-School NIght, we had sign ups for conferences and for the class roster. I also went over the Volunteer Schedule. If you were unable to attend, please email me so I can get you up-to-date on these items.

A big "Thank you" to the parents who attended the fair with the kids. Without your help driving and supervising, so many of the rich experiences our kids have on field trips would be impossible. For those of you who work during the school day, I would like to encourage you to schedule time off to attend one of our field trips. Your child will appreciate it, and you will enjoy putting faces to the names you hear from your kid when discussing school. It's also interesting to see your child interact with his/her peers. Most kids are at their best on field trips, and we go on a lot of really interesting outings. Once again, thanks to all the parent chaperons.

On Monday, students will bring home the homework packet for The Waterfall spelling words and multiplication packet for 2s-4s. The spelling test will be on Friday; the multiplication test a week later on October 1st. Most students are working carefully and responsibly on their homework packet. However, please continue to check their work for quality, as a few were missing names or were not complete. This is true even if your child attends Homework Club.

Volunteers should begin this week, except the Wednesday morning Lit Circle people. You will not begin until we have completed Charlotte's Web, and all the Lit. Circle jobs have been taught. The weekly volunteer schedule is below, although sadly the blog would not let me copy it in!

Monday: 9:30-10:30 Alysen Lanagan and Patti Long alternating
12:15- 1:00 McBrides

Tuesday: 8:30-9:10 Kelly Morrison
9:30-10:30 Jennifer Benson

Wednesday: 8:00-8:30 Karen Fisher, Lisa Bird, Amy Humphreys, Lisa Zahraie (not for a few weeks)
9:30-10:30 Maria Meade

Thursday: 8:30-9:10 Shannon Pryor
9:30-10:30 Hurleys

Friday: 8:00-8:30 Wendy Rice
8:30-9:10 Melissa Irwin
9:30-10:30 Michael Jacque

Scholastic: Lisa Bird
Art Project Prep: Sara Fernandez
"Home" Work: Ellen Abelar & Beth Catesi

Have a great week,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello All,

This week students will have homework packets on more short vowel spelling words, The Ballad of Mulan Practice Book pages, and 6 more pages of multiplication practice (2s, 3s, and 4s). I was impressed with the quality of most students' homework last week. The assignments were completed neatly and accurately. Thank you for looking over your children's work and initialing the pages. I think this added accountability helps the kids understand that good quality work is something that we all expect of them! We will have a multiplication test on the 2s, 3s, and 4s in a couple of weeks, so encourage your child to use the practice sheets to memorize the facts.

On Thursday all four third grade classes will be going to the fair. We will be there all day so students must bring a lunch including a drink. They are NOT allowed to buy anything so please don't send them with money. Adult chaperons will not be treating kids to drinks etc., although we are asking the drivers to cover the $5 cost of the fair parking. Thanks so much to the six parents that volunteered to spend the day at the fair!

Also on Thursday, at 6PM, we will have Back-to-School Night. I will go over the organization of the classroom and give you an overview of the academic highlights of the year. This is an adult event, so please arrange to leave kids at home. I look forward to meeting you all.

Have a great week,

Monday, September 6, 2010

HI All,
I hope you are enjoying the lovely three day weekend!

This week I will be sending home a questionnaire for parents who wish to volunteer in the classroom. Please respond by Friday, as I will be scheduling volunteers according to responses to the form. In the past, I've had sign-ups at Back-to-School Night, but that can be problematic for people with several rooms to visit. I will attempt to give everyone their preferences for volunteer time, but depending on response, may need people to alternate weeks. I will send out a schedule and begin with volunteers on the 20th of September. I'm looking forward to working with all of you who are able to come into the classroom. For those of you who can't volunteer regularly, I encourage you to schedule one or more days off during the year to chaperon on a field trip. It really makes a difference to your kids. Finally, I will also have some "at home" volunteer opportunities.

On Tuesday, students are bringing home a complete homework packet (usually Monday.) The work includes a spelling list and sentences to study for Friday's test, a Practice Book page addressing the spelling concept, and multiplication practice pages. All of this work is to be completed and handed in each Friday. In addition, students are to turn in their Reading Logs on Fridays, and math homework every day. While the majority have been responsible, several kids have forgotten their Reading Logs or math. Also, please check over your child's work for completion, and quality (including neatness). Let me know if your family would prefer to receive the packet on Fridays, in order to work ahead on the weekend.

Finally, I received quick responses to the Fair permission slip and have exactly enough drivers. If you have not returned your child's permission slip, please send it in on Tuesday. Some drivers still need to submit forms and information to the office. If you are one, please send it in on Tuesday as well.

Thank you for all your hard work at home,