Room 9 Updates

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hi All,

Thanks for a week of great meetings!  I enjoyed discussing each and every one of your children; hearing your insights and questions, and sharing mine. Please feel free to follow up if via email if more questions arise.

We are going into a very short week, but it'll be a full one. We are having a math test on Unit 2, which will begin on Monday. We worked most of last week on a practice test, which is formatted just like the real one. Your kid should have brought home the practice test on Friday, which we corrected together. Each kid was responsible for making corrections to any errors in their practice test. It was my intention to attach a copy of my corrected version of the test to this post, but I locked myself out of the classroom!  For the most part, the problems should be a familiar type and solved in ways that make sense. However, the area model, also known as "open array", is something fairly new. I've attached a short video explaining how it works, in case your child is still having trouble with solving problems in this way, or seeing the connection to multiplication. Please support your kid in preparing for the test.

Open arrays--area model

We will also be conducting our second "Mystey Science" investigation on energy. The kids loved the first one. After Thanksgiving, we'll begin a Hyperdoc on Energy, which will involve some reading and a small -- in class-- research project.

Finally, we will continue reading the very fun book, By the Great Horn Spoon, and writing our "Expert" Informational text pieces.

Have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving,

Carroll Mayer

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hi All,

We have a fast couple of weeks ahead!

First of all, I'm looking forward to meeting with you all and discussing your beautiful children. I sent out an email with a photo of the conference schedule, but please contact me if you're having trouble with it, or have misplaced your day and time. Kids will be dismissed every day at 12:20, and there is no Afterschool program.

In class this week, we will continue reading By the Great Horn Spoon. It's a very fun historical novel about a young boy and his butler traveling to California and the Gold Rush.  Mr. McMillan has linked the audiobook from his blog, and kids may bring the book home to review, as long as they return with it each day.

We are finishing up the current math unit, and will be working on the practice test this week. We'll have the actual test next week, before the Thanksgiving holiday. After that, we'll be working with fractions!

See you later this week,

Carroll Mayer