Room 9 Updates

Monday, April 16, 2018

HI All,

We have another busy week ahead!

First of all, this is our final week of RTI.  After Thursday, all reading instruction will be done in homeroom. During this last week, we are learning about writer's point of view; not simply first vs. third person, but the way an author's perspective shapes their telling of a story. We have been reading about Christopher Columbus from a couple of different perspectives including: a Newsela translation of a Columbus letter and Encounter (an historical fiction version of the meeting between Columbus and a Taino tribe).

In math, we are nearing the end of our Geometry unit. We will review concepts by Friday, and have the Geometry test on Tuesday. Kids have learned how to measure and draw angles, the names of different angle sizes, names of polygons, and how to calculate area and perimeter.  It's a lot of information, and there are many, many terms to keep track of. Encourage your child to review early by doing the Chapter 5 homework pages in the workbook and/or Moby Max lessons.

We are also working hard on our California Research Report. Your child should be able to name their topic, and give you some interesting facts about the topic. They should also be able to name their sections, and give you an idea of what they are--or will be--about.

In addition, on Tuesday we have a presentation on Fire Safety from a representative of Aptos Fire District. Expect your child to come home with ideas and questions on that day!

Finally, a heads up that state testing (SBAC) begins next Monday. Please avoid absences, especially from 8-10:20, as that is when the bulk of testing will take place. Those kids who miss class will need to do makeups, and that may happen in the afternoon when kids are not as fresh or productive.

Thanks for all your support!

Carroll Mayer