Room 9 Updates

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hello Room 9 Families,

This week we will be working hard on wrapping up several units before the winter break. The math test for Module 3 (multiplication and division) will be on Thursday. The Native American reports (written in class) are due Wednesday. We will also have an open book Social Studies test on Thursday. There will be no spelling homework or spelling tests this week, but there will be math review homework. Kids may work on typing their reports at home, but we will have computer time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Anyone who wishes to take their report drafts home must check in with me so I can make a back-up copy. Whew -- lots happening!

On Friday, we will enjoy a school Sing-along, as well as our classroom party.

Have a happy and joyful break!
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hi All,
Two more weeks until break!  The kids are working hard right now, wrapping up projects and units so there's nothing hanging over our heads until January. There will be a Social Studies test during the final week before break, and a math test on Module 3 of math (multiplication and division). We are also finishing up the California Indians reports. Remember to get plenty of rest, and off to school on time. Please reserve Santa hats for the last week as well. The kids just get too excited seeing the hats every day.