Room 9 Updates

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hi All,

Another warm, beautiful weekend!

This week we will begin RTI.  Students will be meeting with their RTI class and teacher Monday through Thursday, at 9:00. Each class will be reading, and focusing on the 4th grade reading standards. The groups are built based on assessment of the students' various learning needs. We will also continue to have time in class for kids to read their own self-selected books, and other literacy activities such as Grand Conversation.

In writing, we are entering the editing phase of our personal narratives. I'm really excited to see the enthusiasm and effort the kids have put into their stories.

Finally, we are starting unit 2 in  math. For those wishing to use the Home Connections workbook, the pages up to 24, but excluding 19 and 20, are all appropriate this week.

Take care,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, September 18, 2016

 Hi All,

We've been working hard. Spending a lot of time on the floor...

"Playing" math games.   Reading self-selected books.
 But not all our time's been on the floor!
Drafting personal narratives.

Looking forward to another busy, productive week!
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hi All,

The busy weeks continue!

Last week, we devoted Thursday and Friday morning to MAP, an on-line Math and ELA assessment from the district.  This was a challenging exam, as it is based on year-end standards for 4th grade. It will be repeated a couple more times this year. The kids persevered, all putting in their best effort. I was also pleased to see how considerate they were of each other, as they each shifted from testing to quiet and independent work, allowing their classmates time needed to finish the test.

On another note, many more kids remembered their Homework Choice Board this week--26/30. The kids enjoyed sharing some of the activities they did for homework, and it was especially fun to hear from some who tried an activity for the first time!

Finally, if you wish to order from Scholastic, please return forms or order online by Wednesday. Also, please note the Picture Day information coming home.

Take care, and have a good week,
Carroll Mayer

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hi All,
Oh what a beautiful weekend!

Now, back to work. This week, the kids will begin drafting their personal narratives.  During the last week or so, they've been working on "seed" ideas, and are now ready for the next step!  In reading, we continue with Tiger Rising as our mentor text, and the kids are enjoying their own selections as well. I've conferenced with each kid about AR goals, and the kids have until the trimester's end to meet their goal. Kids should have no trouble achieving their goals -- if they are reading a lot, as the homework Choice Board says. We continue to work on multiplication concepts in math, and the kids are learning various ways to efficiently multiply basic facts. They will also be taking an assessment called the NWEA later this week. It is an online test that is mandated by the district, and replaces the benchmark assessments we have given in the past.

This week's Homework Choice Board will come home on Tuesday. Please work with your child on identifying the best activities for their learning, in addition to the reading. Last week only 19 students returned the handout. Kids are responsible for returning the completed form on Friday mornings.

Scholastic order forms are also coming home Tuesday. If you wish to order, please do so by Wednesday, September 14th. Our class code is H6KT4, and is always posted on the blog if you wish to order online.

Have a great week!
Carroll Mayer