Room 9 Updates

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hello All,

 Welcome back!  I hope you had a joyful Thanksgiving.

This week we are back to a regular schedule. In math we'll be continuing with both division and multiplication. Our RTI classes will be focusing on poetry for one more week, in particular "Casey at the Bat". We continue with reports on California Indians (in class) and will begin a Social Studies chapter on "Early California". As you can see, we have lots going on and will be pushing hard academically during these next 3 weeks. I know these times can get busy as various holiday activities are added to your schedules, but please work with your kids to include enough time for homework -- and plenty of rest as well.

Take care,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello Friends,

I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you about your beautiful children.
Have a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving break. There will be no homework this week.

Carroll Mayer

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hi All,
I'm looking forward to meeting with Parents/Guardians this week for conferences. Your child should have brought home a reminder note with your date and time, but if it's been misplaced feel free to email me. School is scheduled from 7:55-12:20 each day, and there is no Afterschool program. The library will be selling books at the book fair each day until 3:30.  I will be handing out report cards at your child's conference.

This week the kids will continue working hard on their research reports on California Indians. In RTI, we are studying poetry. We are working on division in math, and will be practicing the standard algorithm for much of this week. The kids will have a packet and 2 math homework pages as usual, but will not have either during the Thanksgiving week since it's so short.

Have a great Conference Week. I know my kids and I always enjoyed the extra free time!

Carroll Mayer

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi All,
First of all, thank you to the many parents who contributed to our class Halloween party; the kids had a terrific time!  A special thanks to our Room Parents, Mary, Michelle, and Lori: your plans kept 34 kids busy, happy, and safe!

This week we will be continuing with the content we began over the last couple of weeks. In social studies and ELA, we'll be focusing on California Indians. In math, we will be working on story problems that are most easily solved by multiplying. On last week's Math Exit Ticket I noticed that many kids are understanding how to multiply large numbers using several strategies, but are having trouble with their basic facts. We will be using "100 Second Multiplication" to practice at school,  but if your child is struggling with basic multiplication, I encourage you to support them at home with other resources. Some kids like Multiplication Rap, digital flashcards, digital games, etc. It also works well to make practicing multiplication facts a "driving to..." activity.

Finally, I'm looking for some Parent Volunteers for a few special projects. First, I'd like some shelves built into the entry of the classroom where hooks are currently. Many other rooms have replaced these with shelves, so I'd be able to show pictures for ideas. I can make the classroom available into the evening, or on the weekend if someone is willing to take on this project. Secondly, I'm working on leveling my classroom library so that students can easily find books at their ZPD (just right level). I can send books and directions home for this project. All you need to help is time and a computer or tablet to access the site with the levels. Feel free to contact me at school with any questions about either of these projects.

Have a great week,
Carroll Mayer