Room 9 Updates

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi All,
Happy Holidays!  Soon we will be enjoying a long winter break!

For this week, the kids were given a Homework Packet on Friday.  Instead of spelling words, they are to practice a poem to recite on Thursday, our last day of school. Please make sure that your child works on this throughout the week, as it is too much to learn on Wednesday night!  In addition, they have a multiplication practice page and a reading log.  At this point in the year, they should be practicing their multiplication facts on a daily basis.  Every family will have their preferred methods: web-based drills, youtube videos, flash cards, oral quizzes, workbooks. The important thing is that your child learns these facts so that he/she doesn't have to count on her/his fingers when applying multiplication to more complex problems.  The class will have math homework on Monday and Tuesday of this week as well.

On Thursday, the 3rd grade Room Parents have organized a grand class party, taking place in all three rooms.  Thank you, Ruth DeLuca, for planning this super activity.  I think the kids will really appreciate the opportunity to mix with their friends in other classes.  They will also enjoy the chance to move around and get a peek at other classrooms.  What a great idea!

Finally, have a beautiful, restful holiday.  In these stressful times, and with current events being what they are, we all need to remind ourselves to take a breath, and share our love with those we hold dearest. Enjoy the break.

Carroll Mayer

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hi All,

Hopefully not too much rain in the week to come! The kids haven't developed their "rain stamina" yet this year, nor have I.

Kids are already excited about Christmas break, but please remind them that there are 3 more weeks of school.  Many kids have Santa hats, but I am not allowing them to be worn in class until the last week before vacation, as they tend to stimulate the kids even more.

On Friday I sent home a packet of Scholastic book order flyers.  I am hoping to do an order this Wednesday afternoon, so please send in any orders --with checks --before then.  However, the easiest way to order from the book club is on line.  Our class code is H6KT4.  You can order from the flyers I sent home, or the November ones,  and pay for them with a credit card.  The deadline is short because I'd like to get the books before the break.

Otherwise, have a great week.
Carroll Mayer