Room 9 Updates

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi Parents and Kids,
I've heard there's been a lot of frustration about the math. Parents, I understand you're on a learning curve too! Please don't stress.

I've posted the EngageNY site on the blog under links, and you should be able to find and review the day's lessons with some snapshots of work on the pages we're doing in class.  You will have to skim through the pages to find the specific examples.  There aren't any homework answers on this link, but this should give some support.  I will also post some partially completed homework pages this week, and will reflect on what other supports I can provide.
Take care,
Carroll Mayer

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Parents and Students,
Wow!  That first week seemed to fly by! It's been terrific to see old friends, as well as make some new ones.  The kids all seem well-rested, and eager to access new skills and knowledge.

First of all, thanks for the timely return of school forms and the Cotsen Foundation permission slip.  All but 2-3 students have returned the papers.  If your child is one of the kids who has not, please do so right away! In addition, please take note of the supply list on this site.  While the complete list is not mandatory, it will be very helpful if each child has a folder for homework, and an old sock to use as a white board eraser.

This week the kids are taking home the first official homework assignment.  They will not be getting a packet, but will bring home a single sheet with all regular work for the week listed.  Some students may also find that they need to put in additional time on classwork they have not completed. In a nutshell, there will be:
math homework --due daily *
spelling words--assignments due and tested on Friday
reading-- assignments and self-selected, due Friday.

*Each math module's homework will be sent home at the beginning of the unit.  Students will remove pages as they are assigned.

The spelling list will be included on the weekly handout, but students will have the opportunity to move on from the weekly list, to a Challenge List, if they score a 22/25 on Monday's pretest. I will explain the Challenge Lists to the kids, and they can access them through the link to Mr. McMillan's blog.  On Friday, those kids assigned to these challenge words will have their own quiz.  In addition, they will do their homework based on the Challenge List they're working on.

Finally, Parents, please email me with your best contact information, as well as confirmation that you are able to access the blog.  I will be updating it 1-2 days a week, and most information will be noted here first.

Take care,
Carroll Mayer

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello Parents and Students,

Happy 4th grade!  I'm excited about the new year and grade.  This week we will be focused on getting to know one and other, warming up from the summer break, and taking care of paperwork!  Regular homework will begin in a few days, although parents will find they have some tasks to complete.

On the right you will see some optional supply items.  It's fun to start the school year with new gear, but I will provide all the essentials.  Please don't purchase a full-sized binder or a large pencil box.  The desks are not that big, and hauling a binder to and from school will just make your backpack heavier.  As noted on the list, you may want a binder to keep math modules in at home, as we will be sending home about a month's worth of math homework at a time, and you will not be doing it all on the first day!

I've also listed some wish list items, for those of you that want to contribute extra materials to the classroom.  I will be looking for Parent Helpers this year, but will not have signups until Back-to-School Night on September 18th.

Finally, please sign up at the top to receive these blog posts via email. If your child is not in my class this year, it's time to unsubscribe.

Take care, and I'll see you on Monday!
Carroll Mayer

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello Parents and Students,
Summer is almost over, so I know you're all eager to see and learn what the new year's going to bring.  First of all, along with you, I've moved to 4th grade!  I'm really excited to discover what 4th graders are learning these days, as it's been a long time since I was one.

I'll be updating this blog again before school starts, to let those of you who are in my class know how to prepare for the first day of school. 

Finally, for those of you that are not on my class list this year, I certainly hope you drop by and say "Hello" once school has started.

Enjoy these last precious days,
Carroll Mayer