Room 9 Updates

Sunday, December 15, 2019

HI All,

As predicated, the month of December has been a roller coaster of activity!  First of all, thank you so much to parents who drove and chaperoned 4th Graders on their field trip to the mission. I heard from Mr. McMillan that things went very smoothly. Third Grade Parents, you will have the opportunity to drive on our field trip to the Museum of Natural History in January, and the entire class will be attending the field trip to the Monterey Aquarium in February.

This week, along with a holiday Sing-Along and a Book Swap, we will have "Stick it to Hunger" to raise money for Second Harvest. Please send in donations by Thursday, if you haven't already. Finally, our Room Parents have been planning a holiday party for Thursday afternoon. Get in touch with them to give support, or let me know if you are missing direct communication from them. Thanks to all who are able to help!

Academically, one big thing is that we wrap up our information writing unit. Most of the class has completed a typed draft, and are working independently and with peers to edit based on grade level expectations. I'll be collecting their work on Thursday and will return it after the break. Kids have also been reading/researching about Native Americans for the last couple of weeks, and will share their information with each other on Wednesday. In Math, both grades are working on multiplication and division, including story applications. At this point in the year, Third Graders should be memorizing facts to gain fluency, although they are learning additional strategies to multiply efficiently when they encounter facts they don't know. Fourth Graders should be multiplying fluently, and are using this skill to multiply and divide bigger numbers.

Over break, I encourage kids to practice math facts using Moby Max, and to explore bigger ideas using Khan Accelerator. Remember, the kids have to log in using their PVUSD gmail accounts to access these programs.  ( as a log in, and their birthday password, which they should know how to format.) Many kids may forget the part, as it is filled in when they work from school. This is also a great time for kids to read and to engage in independent, self-selected writing activities. I'm always so impressed when I see what kids do in writing on their own,  and with friends!

Have a wonderful holiday season and Winter Break. For those of you that I see at school, and those that I don't, thanks for all you do! I'm grateful for the wonderful Rio del Mar community: kids, staff, parents. Rest up, and get ready for an amazing new year!

Take care,

Carroll Mayer

Monday, December 9, 2019

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed the rainy weekend!

This past weekend I attended the CMC Math Conference at Asilomar with a large part of the Rio staff. The conference was paid for with your fundraising dollars---thank you!  I attended sessions on word problems--always a challenge, as well as ancient number systems, and learned some strategies that I'll be integrating into my math instruction for your kids, as well as future students.

In Room 9, we will be doing the "Hour of Code" this Monday, and I've put the link on our Google classroom so that kids can access it from home as well.  We should finish up our winter MAP testing early this week, and will be reading about Native Americans in Reading class until Winter Break. In Math, 3rd Graders are working on strategies and fluency in multiplication facts, and 4th Graders are multiplying and dividing with larger numbers.

This Friday, 4th Graders will be going on the mission field trip with Mr. McMillan's and Mr. Avey's classes. We have 3 parent chaperones driving and attending from our class.

Room Parents will be reaching out about our holiday party, which will be held on the kids' last day of school before break: December 20th. Let them know if you'd like to help.

Finally, keep a watch for information about "Stick it to Hunger" fundraiser for Second Harvest. Information is coming home today.

Have a great week!