Room 9 Updates

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hi All,

I can't believe it's our last full week of school this year!

The kids only homework responsibility is to memorize their Famous Artist speech for Friday's Wax Museum, and put together a costume. We will also be practicing the speeches in class. Kids who don't have their speeches memorized will still be performing, but will have their grade lowered. In addition, kids' costumes must be school appropriate. Many teacher from other grades have shared their enthusiasm for bringing their classes to see the kids perform.

Other than the Wax Museum, we'll continue to enjoy Esperanza Rising and Golden Gulch. Kids will be able to take AR tests all week, and may even take them during the final week. However, I will need to complete report cards by next Tuesday, May31st, so last minute AR tests may not be accounted for on the report card. Despite this, kids will have the satisfaction of knowing they've reached their goal.

Have a great week,
Carroll Mayer

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi All,
It was such a beautiful weekend that I forgot to write my post!

Thank you, thank you for the gift card to Bittersweet. It's a destination my husband and I both enjoy, and it will be a fun treat!  I so appreciate all the kind gestures you all have made throughout this year!
I feel very nurtured!

This week there are no specific homework assignments. I assigned  a lot of 10 Marks activities and my intention is that the kids can work on those well into the summer. They're not really homework --they're just extra practice for those who enjoy it as an option. In addition, kids can work on their Famous Artist report, especially if they're feeling behind.   Written paragraphs -- between two and four-- are due this Friday, May 20. The kids have had a lot of time to work on these paragraphs in class and the majority of the class is well on their way. Next week the main homework will be practicing their speech --including memorizing it --so that they can say it during the "Wax Museum".

Have a great week,

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi All,
Sorry to be tardy with this post, especially with so much happening these days!

First of all, a big thank you to the parents who drove and chaperoned Friday's field trip in Monterey. Even with the goofy directions, you all found your way and kept your good humor. You are so appreciated.

Secondly, I was overwhelmed last week with all the wonderful treats, lattes, flowers, gifts and cards. Thank you all so much!  I felt fussed over the entire week.

As for business, the science project, including "poster" on the file folder, is due this Wednesday. The kids haven't had any other homework, so I expect the the work to be beautifully completed. I will not be sending home math homework for the remainder of the year, but the kids will  have one more project to work on at home. The Famous Artist Wax Museum is scheduled for Friday, May 27th from 10:15-11:00. Kids will submit their 2-4 paragraph speeches by Friday, May 20th, and will practice and memorize them at home and school during the week between these two dates. They will also need to put together a "dress up" style costume for the wax museum. Lastly, we are happily finishing up the remaining bits of testing, and have returned to a more normal in class routine.

The final book order was sent home last week, and is due this Wednesday. You can order from the brochures sent home, or online from any of Scholastic's offerings. It's fun to start the summer with new books, and essential that kids continue their daily reading throughout the break.  Our class has read over 20 million words this year!

Finally, this Thursday is Open House from 6:30-7:30. Please come by!

Have a great week, and see you Thursday night,
Carroll Mayer

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hi All,

It's a shock, but we are now entering our final month of the school year.  May promises to be a busy month.

First of all, thanks to those of you who came out to help and cheer during Jogging for the Arts. It was lots of fun!  Next, thanks to the people who've offered to drive and chaperon for our field trip this Friday. We have enough drivers now!

This week the kids will continue with state testing. We are also still working on math and reading Esperanza Rising, along with Golden Gulch and the watercolor lessons from our Spectra Art teacher. On Thursday, it was impressive to see the kids' plans for science projects, and I look forward to seeing their finished products and hearing their results next week.

Our final big project, which will begin in class this week, is a Famous Artist "Wax Museum".  Each kid will research an artist of their choice and then recite a short speech about their life in first person. As with 3rd Grade's Famous American speeches, kids will dress up in character.

Happy May, and have a great week,
Carroll Mayer